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Peak Performance is not achieved by accident

Only 14% of the Australian workforce consistently approaches ‘peak performance’ by being ‘actively engaged’ in their job. This is below the world average of 15% ‘actively engaged’ employees.   (Source: Gallup ‘State of the Global Workforce’ 2017)

In the Construction industry, the ‘actively engaged’ figure is a meagre 12%. A worrying 24% are deemed ‘actively disengaged’. Clearly there is vast room for improvement.

The MinD-Skill Performance Enhancement program addresses the ‘engagement’ problem with a holistic approach focussing on 3 key areas:




Brain | Body | Bioenergy

Enhance your PERFORMANCE

Through the power of MinD-Skill.



Take the MinD-Skill Survey to understand your strengths and weaknesses. Learn to use the MinD-Skill App as your guide to ethical solutions and decision-making. Undertake Brain-Work with the MinD-Skill Performance Enhancement program. Enrol in the IAM program to facilitate achieving your ultimate goals. Enjoy the benefits that attaining peak performance more easily can bring. Learn to understand and work with your mindset to your best advantage. Practising MinD-Skill takes a few minutes a day. The benefits last a lifetime.



The Body-Work section of the MinD-Skill Performance Enhancement program teaches gentle task-specific exercises and stretches designed to reduce the likelihood of workplace accidents and optimise the performance of physical tasks. The instructions given respect people’s differing levels of fitness. Body awareness improves health outcomes. Less fatigue encourages better productivity. Peak performance requires agility and flexibility; qualities that apply to both mind and body.



Diet and our individual micro-biome (the trillions of microbes that constitute the intestinal flora in our gut) affect brain function. Bioenergetics explains the way energy is transformed in our bodies and its effect on our mind and mood. The Bioenergetics section of the MinD-Skill Performance Enhancement program teaches what works nutritionally to enhance brain function and positively improve mindset. Peak performance is more readily achieved when the power of nutrition is properly understood and diligently applied.

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