The MinD-Skill Performance Enhancement program has been designed specifically for the Construction and Mining industries by Voight Holgar, a 40-year veteran of the design, development and construction sector.

The Performance Enhancement program has 3 facets:  Brain Work:  Body Work:  Bioenergetic Work.

All 3 work together for best results.

MinD-Skill Vision

Impossible is not a fact. It’s an opinion.

quote attributed to Muhammed Ali

MinD-Skill training helps people function better, mentally and physically. Happy people make better employees.

Better Employees = Better Business.

The MinD-Skill KEYS


The basic MinD-Skill method is easy to learn. Benefits are seen over time with as little as 5 minutes’ daily practice.

The MinD-Skill app is an interactive aid that can be learnt with a minimum of basic instructions, however attending a course or workshop provides more reliable results. Engaging in supportive groups or utilising our mentoring service for regular contact ensures easier adherence. You can learn more about the science of wellbeing via the MinD-SKill blog.


MinD-Skill workshops involve instruction and guidance from Voight and his professional trainers, each a specialist in their field. Anyone joining a course or workshop can ask to arrange personal, individual instruction or mentoring. A qualified trainer will work with you to understand your needs and goals. Voight takes classes in the Integrated Advanced Modelling Technique. The principles of IAM have been applied in Russia and subsequently in the USA with outstanding results. The aims of the courses & workshops are to improve life skills. These are attained through developing deeper personal insights into the workings of the mind and body and their inter-relationship, including the role of nutrition.


There are two MinD-Skill eBook options. Both are downloadable directly from this website. The free e-book outlines the historical foundations of MinD-Skill, traced over 2,600 years, from the discourses of ancient sages, their philosophies and religions, to the 21st century work of US psychologists, Christopher Peterson and Martin Seligman, the founders of Positive Psychology. The second book is an extension of the first, additionally providing a detailed description of the essential MinD-Skill technique and how to apply it. MinD-Skill is based on the principles of Positive Psychology and universal human values. It is entirely secular and is not aligned with any religion.

A little more about MinD-Skill

The greatest gift you can give somebody is your own Personal Development.

Jim Rohn

MinD-Skill creates positive, life-affirming traits through directed intention leading to the formation of good habits. MinD-Skill is a method of constructive thinking for personal development. It includes exercises in motivation and commitment, thought patterns conducive to success, flow and flexibility, integration and advanced mindfulness techniques. MinD-Skill improves functioning in:

  • personal and professional relationships
  • positive solution-focussed thinking processes
  • improved communication skills
  • efficient productivity
  • staff retention
  • customer satisfaction
  • brand loyalty and reputation
  • life meaning and purpose
  • resilience and flow
  • decision making and flexibility in response
  • potential and passion
  • attention to detail
  • stress and anxiety control
  • anger management

The MinD-Skill Method provides the KEYS for delving deeper with insights, discovering one’s best self and bringing a person’s most attractive strengths to the surface.

Created by Voight Holgar, whose business experience covers the early education, health, design and construction industries, MinD-Skill is also a resource for counsellors, teachers, parents, children, EAP officers and those interested in effective mind training, behaviour modification and personal development programs.  Please contact us for more information.

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