The Advanced Mindfulness (I AM) Technique

What is Peak Performance?

Peak Performance has been described as “the perfect love-child of Thought and Action”.

Authentic values and truth are the beauty of a person.
It is what makes them lovely and unusual.
It is the colour, form and shape of their personality.
It is the way they do things; the way they move, speak and dress.
They may have no money, but if a person has authentic values and truth, they will always seem rich: for everything that is close to them will be filled with quality.

adapted from Anthea Church – Inner Beauty

The MinD-Skill Integrated Advanced Modelling (IAM) Technique

What is IAM?

Employing scientifically proven methods of attaining Peak Performance such as the Raikov Method, Flow, Sport Psychology and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, the Integrated Advanced Modelling (IAM) Technique is a seamless methodology for those seeking to unlock their peak performance potential.

The IAM method teaches guided and safe self-awareness and the ability to access a focussed ‘mind-sight’ state. You are in full control at all times. The technique increases your ability to acquire skills that you may never otherwise acquire or take much longer acquiring. Learning the IAM technique within a Performance Enhancement Course furthers your journey towards being who you truly aspire to be. Once you learn it, you have it for life and can teach it to others.

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