About Voight Holgar

Voight Holgar

Perceiving a desire for change in society, Voight Holgar became a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist, intending to use this knowledge to design a DIY self-help program. Dedicated to the memory of two beautiful and talented young women, MinD-Skill is a true passion project.

Voight’s professional career engages creativity, design and problem-solving skills on a daily basis. In addition to his Clinical Hypnotherapy qualification, he holds an honours degree in Architecture and continues a successful architecture practice. Over time, Voight increasingly came to the realisation that our prevailing societal paradigm fosters a propensity toward mind-lessness and rest-lessness – a feeling of disconnection leaves many seeking more. Through this realisation, Voight became a “mind-architect” and created MinD-Skill.

 The aim of MinD-SKill is to teach people how to use a set of ‘mind tools’ to improve outcomes and deal better with life’s pressing challenges. MinD-Skill provides a guided Do-it-Yourself, self-improvement method resulting in a happier and more fulfilling life experience.

A little more about Voight…

With his wife of 39 years, Voight has raised 3 intelligent, independent-thinking and truth-inspired children.  The son of post-WW2 immigrant parents, Voight learned the meaning of hardship, resilience and overcoming adversity from them at an early age.  Gratitude too. For Voight’s family, surviving physically was one thing:- not giving up hope depended on re-membering and re-cognising one’s innate qualities and re-embodying them every day. In counterpoint to adversity, the MinD-Skill Advanced Mindfulness (AM) Technique awakens body, mind and spirit towards the goal of realising one’s ideal self. Ultimately, true happiness results.

In addition to MinD-Skill, Voight has had an abiding interest in early childhood education and health. He instigated and co-founded the Chrysalis Child Care Group and the Aus-Care Medical Group, encompassing child care centres, primary healthcare, radiology, and day surgeries. At various times, Voight has had over 300 people working in his businesses. He has learnt to know people, understand interpersonal connection, compassionately see truth, beauty and the need for a re-connection to true happiness through virtue and positive psychology.