About Voight Holgar

Voight Holgar

Voight Holgar has 4 decades of experience in business, mainly in the design and construction industries. Having employed hundreds of people, Voight realises the importance of Performance Management. To better understand human psychology in the workplace, he studied clinical hypnotherapy and nutritional and integrative medicine for mental health.

 Voight’s goal in creating MinD-SKill is to teach people how to use a set of ‘mind tools’ to improve outcomes and cope effectively with life’s pressing challenges. MinD-Skill provides a guided Do-it-Yourself, self-improvement method resulting in a more fulfilling life experience on multiple levels. MinD-Skill programs bring in physical and nutritional factors as these are vital components for optimal mental performance.

A little more about Voight…

With his wife of 40 years, Voight has raised 3 intelligent, independent-thinking and truth-inspired children.  The son of post-WW2 Polish immigrant parents, Voight learned the meaning of hardship, resilience and overcoming adversity at an early age. Gratitude too. For Voight’s parents and grandparents, surviving physically was one thing – not giving up hope in the face of horror and despair meant drawing on their highest and best qualities. The MinD-Skill Advanced Modelling (IAM) Technique awakens body, mind and spirit to strive to become one’s ideal self by modelling scientifically-proven methods.

At various times, the Holgars have had over 300 people working in their businesses. Voight’s many and varied business experiences (both highs and lows) have taught him to value teaching ethically-based modalities. MinD-Skill is one of them.