School of Thinking – escape your current cultural mindset

Dr. Michael Hewitt-Gleeson – founder and mastermind behind the School of Thinking

School Of Thinking Dr Hewitt-Gleeson and his team produce informative and entertaining articles available for download by subscribing to the School of Thinking newsletter. Also available are online courses teaching thinking as a skill. The content covers metacognition – the development of higher order thinking skills, among them new ways of approaching ‘lateral thinking’. The methods used have been designed to be easily applied and used in a variety of daily life applications. At Mind-Skill, we recommend the School of Thinking and its initiatives.

How to escape from your current cultural mindset.

To learn how to escape from rigid, limiting mindsets, consider taking a course from those available at the SOT. A popular anchor program is available for CEOs only. It is called x10 Thinking and is designed to improve a company’s bottom line by a factor of 10. CEO reports are prepared regularly to monitor and validate progress.

The SOT also offers cvs2bvs training. cvs2bvs will improve your problem-solving abilities.

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59 Seconds Training

Mind-Skill training, using the purpose-built Mind-Skill App, supplements the problem-solving capabilities developed by doing courses such as those available at the School of Thinking.

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