Virtue is its own Reward – and it rewards you every day

Virtue is its own rewardPlease take a minute – it is just one minute long – to watch this video titled “Virtue is its own Reward” produced in 2013 by (VirtueTelevision).

Virtue is its own reward, true today and will be tomorrow

The message in this video was true thousands of years ago, is true today and will still be true for many generations to come.

To awaken and cultivate the virtues within, practice Mind-Skill exercises every day. Get the Mind-Skill App and the Free Introductory Mind-Skill eBook. The exercises are easy to do, require no special skills and take only 5 to 10 minutes to complete. Repeat them during the day or whenever you remember to.

Witness the difference, witness virtue is its own reward. If not straight away then over time. Be patient. Be kind with yourself. Smile – and share your smile with others.

Virtue as its own reward, click below to view the video


Virtue is its own reward

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