The MinD-Skill Survey

MinD-SKill Virtues

Envision | Embrace | Embody | Empower


Virtue is the Grace of Character inherent within

Truth resides in innate beauty, joy, and peace

Happiness reveals itself when we cultivate Virtue and Truth


By cultivating your virtues habitually your innate beauty awakens, immersing you in continuous truth. Take the MinD-Skill Survey to begin your journey toward true happiness and personal fulfilment.

Why take the MinD-Skill Survey?

  • The MinD-Skill Survey takes less than ten minutes
  • The MinD-Skill Survey is a positive and empowering method of understanding and appreciating your virtuous character
  • The results will allow you to begin to build strengths in many areas of your life including
    • relationships
    • positive emotions
    • communication
    • meaning and purpose
    • resilience and flow
    • decision making and flexibility in response
    • potential and passion
  • True happiness comes from embracing the virtues you have in order to nourish the MinD-Skills you need or desire for success!


  • Answer each question.
  • There are 6 steps of 4 questions each.
  • Press ‘Save and continue‘ at the bottom of each Step to continue.
  • Ask a friend to complete the survey as if they are answering for you. Compare their answers with your own for a different perspective of yourself by someone who knows you.
  • Complete all 6 steps. Your results are calculated to reveal your character strengths and where you may improve.