50-50 project

The 50-50 project

In the scheme of the natural world, Nature creates virtually equal numbers of males as females in the human race, a 50-50 project. Couples are made up of members of the opposite sex – one of each.  A significant but small number of exceptions exist, of course, adding to the diversity.

How strange it is, then, that female remain largely under-represented and, in many cases, under-appreciated in the workings of the world. In some societies, women are particularly repressed and suppressed. It seems so “un-natural” given that it is Nature that decides to produce a 50/50 split of males to females if left to its own devices. There is no striking difference in intelligence or abilities between the sexes. A 50-50 partnership seems to be what Nature intends.

Get involved and help promote the 50-50 project

For anyone interested in promoting the role of women in society, have a look at www.50-50project.org

Click on the image below to view the 50/50 movie trailer.


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