Self-Esteem & why virtue holds one of the keys to happiness transformation

Dream Big for true happiness

Dream Big for true happiness

Do I have the confidence to be the best version of me when I am under pressure?

Self-esteem and self-efficacy, that is: confidence and the belief we have the power to produce an effect, has many effects on our life, both personally and professionally.  Without a certain level of self esteem and efficacy, there is an inability to not only set clear boundaries between self and other, there is also a sense of powerlessness that can lead to a destabilising pattern of communication. This may leave someone feeling misinterpreted, misunderstood, or potentially shaken to a point of self-devaluation in a high stakes situation.

Take for example something most adults have had to face one time or another, an interview. Perhaps even an interview where there is more than one interviewer. Imagine you are getting ready for that interview; let us say it is a job interview. You know that you are suitably qualified for this position, yet at the same time you are feeling somewhat nervous, unsure of your abilities and unsure of your ability to communicate what the interviewer wants to hear that may potentially lead to you gaining the employment you seek.  I wonder what happens for you physically and emotionally?

Are you reacting or responding?

Are you aware if you are coming from a place of rational cognition or activated emotion?

Though it may not seem important, this one notion – reaction v response – is key to how we handle situations of pressure. Further, how we handle stressful situations is the outcome of a combination of character traits – or what we call here at MinD-Skill, virtue. Our sense of self-esteem and self-efficacy, in combination with our ability to stay in a presence of rationality in times of stress, is largely based in our character traits and the virtuous states of being that have been cultivated to be automatic.

Though our emotions are faster activated than our cognition, and although they do impact on our perceptions and intuit – meaning though we feel before we think, our emotions do not have to lead our behaviours. The question now is, how do we create a presence of rationality in times of stress?

We do this by making space in our lives to cultivate our virtues through advanced mindfulness techniques.

We have the innate ability within us to enhance our constructive thinking for personal empowerment. That is, to become confident in who we are and who we want to be no matter what situations befall us. When we learn advanced mindfulness techniques we are learning to envision a version of ourselves based on truth and virtue. We cultivate and embody this into our psyche through the diligent practice of specific exercises. This means that we do not just teach ourselves to have the level of self-esteem and self-efficacy that is wanted and needed, we embody it into whom we are, ensuring that it flows through us creating an ultimate space for true happiness.

Heading back to our example of a job interview, what this means is that when faced with the stress of how to present yourself: what outfit to choose; how to regulate body temperature so sweat doesn’t tarnish our self perception; what thoughts to, or not to, communicate; we are able to behave more completely. Advanced mindfulness techniques give you the abilities to tap into your virtuous truth and express yourself – to convey the best version of who you are or who you want to be with confidence and a level of self assurance that lands you the position you seek.

Remember, we have the capacity within us to cultivate truth and virtue, and thus bring about our fullest potential. Through advanced mindfulness techniques you will have the keys within you to live a life in presence and virtuous truth, making wise choices and unlocking true happiness. Why not join us on March 22 at 7pm and find out more about how you can unlock the keys to true happiness? Find out more HERE

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