Bed Yoga – for lazy bones

Bed Yoga starting Pose
Start each day with easy, relaxing Bed Yoga

Bed Yoga

A great way to start each day.

There is no better way to awaken, greet the day with gratitude and set yourself up for a good start than to begin with some easy, relaxing Bed Yoga poses before you get out of bed in the morning.

Start by keeping your eyes closed, fingers together, palms not touching, feet slightly together, legs straight, hips relaxed. Breathe easily and slowly. On the in-breath say “I” and on the out-breath say “Can”. Repeat slowly “I”, “Can”, thinking of nothing in particular.

Learn Bed Yoga techniques for free right here by following our posts. Achieve greater flexibility of body and mind. Check our posts again soon for the next pose in the Bed Yoga series by MinD-Skill. There will be a series of them for you to practice. They are all easy and beneficial – a great way to start your day. Remember to smile to yourself. You don’t even need a reason.

It’s free to smile and give yourself a boost of “feel-good” chemicals. A free, natural high every day on command.

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